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Start Service

Washington Gas will require access to your meter and the appliances inside your home. Someone over 18 years old will need to be available at the service location. If we are unable to gain access to your meter and/or appliances at the appointment time and are unable to return on the same day, the appointment needs to be rescheduled. To reschedule, please call 703-750-1000 or re-submit a move in request on this page in order for the technician to return to your home.​

Start New Service / Move In

Example: For “1234 Main Street”, enter “1234”
Example: For “1234A Main Street”, enter “1234”
Example: For “Main Street 1234 ”, enter “Main”
Example: For “Apartment 88”, please enter “88”
Example: For “Apartment A38”, please enter “A38”
Example: For “Apt B1 ”, please enter “B1”